Stone Mortar Candles

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Style No. 2

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Each candle in our stone mortar collection is one-of-a-kind! We have three sizes available: small, medium, and large. Every candle is hand-poured with a soy wax blend and infused with the scent of Tobacco Bark. 

TobaccoBark is our best-selling fragrance! You'll find notes of dark rum, incense, sweet woody tobacco, citrus, clove & vanilla.  A warm fragrance that is suitable for everyone! 

No. 1: 4-5"L x 4-5"W x 3-5"H
No. 2: 6-8"L x 6-8"W x 3-8"H
No. 3: 4-5"L x 4-5"W x 3-5"H
No. 4: 5-6"L x 5-6"W x 3-6"H
No. 5: 6-8"L x 6-8"W x 3-8"H