Dasari Natural in Sand Pillow Covers, Coming Soon!!

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Size 22x22

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Experience the artistry of Dasari Natural's Sand Pillow Cover, where talented women hand-craft each fabric with intricate stamping techniques. Each pillow is one-of-a-kind, showcasing the individuality and passion of the women who create them. Made with the finest quality fabrics by Ginger Sparrow, these pillows are truly special and unique pieces for your home. 

Experience the luxury of a hand-crafted touch with our in-house seamstress sewing each pillow to perfection.

20x20 - Use a 22x22 size pillow insert. Sold separately. 

24x24 - Use a 24x24 size pillow insert. Sold separately. 

Front side is the Dasari Natural and the back of pillow is 100% natural linen.