Broom & Handle Set in Beech Wood

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This is a set - Beech wood broom handle and broom head. The photos show alternative colors of broom handle - please note, this is a beech wood (natural) color.

Broom Head

Genuine French beech wood and natural fibers. 

This broom is designed by Mr & Mrs Clynk for Andrée Jardin to lend a contemporary flourish to traditional brushes.

Expertly produced in France by skilled artisans using century-old traditions. Made of beech wood and bristles crafted from horsehair and synthetic fibers.

- Raw beech wood from French sustainably managed forests
- Natural and synthetic horsehair fibers
- Aluminum socket
- Made in France

Dimensions: 10.6" wide

✔️ Tips
To make your broom last, we recommend cleaning it from time to time. Follow these 5 steps:

1. Dip the bristles of the brush in soapy water
2. Rinse them with warm water
3. Shake off the remaining water after washing
4. Let the broom dry at room temperature
5. Finish by combing the bristles

Do NOT to leave your broom outside, wood could degrade if left outdoors.

Broom Handle

- Raw beechwood from French sustainably managed forests. 

Dimensions: Height: 51" Handle Diameter: .95"

Install Tips:
Assembly of the half-handle: without forcing, position the handle in the aluminum sleeve and screw the handle clockwise using your hand. The handle has no thread, so the more you screw, the more the handle will lock into the aluminum part.

Made in France.